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About Us

A platform that launched a million shipments.

Wow. To think it all began as a nifty-little idea back in 1999.

That idea - to apply printing & technology innovation to make it easier for the world to express themselves on T-shirts - has today blossomed into a "platform" (as MBA-types like to call it) big enough to fuel a multi-billion dollar industry. We call it CafePress Inc.

In the very beginning, this idea spawned a cottage industry of hundreds of thousands of individuals who created CafePress shops - each selling their unique products online. Early on, it also led to the creation of our flagship brand, - and the CafePress Marketplace (where sellers & buyers could more-easily connect). The innovation-friendly platform also freed us to broaden our product line from T-shirts and mugs to over 600 product SKUs and counting.

The rest is history (as we continue making history).

From there, the growth snow-balled as we leveraged the platform to new brands of our own, from Canvas on Demand and Great Big Canvas to ImageKind. But not stopping there, the versatility allows outside brands to tap into the platform - from retailers like Urban Outfitters and SIGG to media companies like Warner Brothers & CBS.

The end result (although it's far from ending, and continues to grow) is staggering. Today there are over 2 million CafePress shops that together have created some 300 million unique products (with over 135,000 new designs added each week). Plus there's our ever-growing reseller market. Together, over 6 million products are being printed and shipped each year. And over 11 million people visit our sites each month to find product that express their personality. Not bad for one little idea dreamed-up a decade ago.