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California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Notice

CafePress prides itself on doing business with suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and partners who demonstrate and maintain high standards of product safety and ethical business practices. The following is a brief overview of the steps CafePress takes to ensure that these suppliers, vendors, manufacturer and partners meet both legal and industry standards.

  • Product Safety and Quality:

    CafePress has a no tolerance policy when it comes to product safety. We contractually obligate our suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and partners to meet all applicable product safety laws, regulations and codes with respect to the base products we resell. Where applicable we also require testing information and certification from all of our vendors demonstrating that their products do, in fact, meet these standards. If a product does not meet legal standards, or CafePress' internal quality standards, we will not offer the product on our websites. CafePress also maintains certificates of conformity, when required. That documentation can be found at

  • Employment and Human Rights Practices:

    CafePress maintains lawful and fair employment and human rights practices in all jurisdictions in which we operate and require all of our suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and partners do the same. We contractually require our suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and partners to:

    1. Provide workers with a safe and healthy workplace.
    2. Employ workers above the applicable minimum age requirement.
    3. Comply with all applicable wages, hours, days of service and overtime payment laws and regulations.
    4. Prohibit and not use forced, prison or indentured labor, or subject workers to any form of compulsion or coercion.
    5. Prohibit, and not employ, physical, sexual or psychological harassment or coercion with workers.
    6. Prohibit human trafficking in their workforce.
    7. Obligate their own suppliers to meet standards 1-6 above.

    In order to ensure compliance with these standards CafePress:

    • Requires all suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and partners to fill out a supply chain validation form, updated annually, in which they certify that none of the above prohibited conduct occurs within their workforce or within their suppliers' workforce.
    • Trains CafePress employees in charge of workforce and suppliers to be vigilant for signs of any of the prohibited conduct.
    • Flags regarding suppliers, vendors, manufacturers or partners for review if compliance issues are suspected; and CafePress reserves the right to conduct onsite audits to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding fair and ethical employment and human rights practices.
    • Reserves the right to terminate suppliers, vendors, manufacturers or partners that fail to meet the above requirements. CafePress employees who violate this code are likewise subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
  • Monitoring and Compliance:

    If a CafePress supplier, vendor, manufacturer or partner becomes aware of any non-compliance with the above standards, they are required to notify CafePress and take all necessary remedial action or risk termination as a CafePress business partner.

This disclosure is provided in accordance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and applies to all CafePress Inc. brands and websites.